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Allowed game modifications.

The following is a list of Minecraft modifications deemed safe, approved, and fair to use by Viacraft staff. This is NOT an exhaustive list; just because it's not listed here doesn't automatically mean it's not allowed. Please consult a member of Management if you wonder if a mod you're using not listed here is allowed or not.

  • Optifine and mods that improves FPS and game performance.

  • Shaders and mods which make the game more visually pleasing but do not make blocks transparent.

  • 5zig and HUD (Heads Up Display). Mods which display information already available to you but in a more quick glance way.

  • Minimaps and recording of the world from satellite view is allowed but you are asked out of courtesy not to use underground viewing features. If it is able to show specific elements of the world such as buried chest (similar to x-ray and esp) it is completely not allowed. If a staff member sees you dig straight down to things of value w/o obvious prior knowledge, they have the right to ban you for xray; regardless if you were using minimap or actual xray.

  • Brightness and gamma modifications.

  • Forge and Liteloader by itself, obviously. Any mod which serves only as mod loader or API library.

  • Badlion Client

  • NEW! Litematica and Schematica. Use of modifications that simplify/automate the time consuming process of building (similar to WorldEdit) are allowed. However mods that automate resource gathering and farming (e.g. Baritone) are strictly forbidden.

Chunk downloader and mods that take a playable snapshot of the world for offline use is NOT allowed because players can use this data to x-ray offline and to steal builds to claim as theirs'.
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