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Viacraft Terms of Service & Community Guidelines
Nobody will be allowed to disturb the peace of Viacraft.

Hello, staff & players! This thread should help you understand what is and isn't allowed on any Viacraft platform. If you have any suggestions for rule changes, please contact management.

// Across all platforms //

The following is what's called Annoyances and will usually not result in severe punishment:
  1. Using our platforms to advertise anything. E.g. different server, service, community, etc. Anything lures people away from Viacraft is NOT allowed. Punishment for this infraction is as follows.

    * = Clear chat, Removal of content.

    1st offense = 24 hour mute for 1 message. 1 week mute for spam.
    2nd = Permanent mute.
    Any circumvention of this mute (signs, arrangement of blocks into letters to say a name/IP, etc) will warrant a permanent ban.

    1st offense on:
    Discord = Ban
    Forums = Account suspension or restricted from posting threads.

  2. Spamming or repeating the same message over and over. Chat flooding. Do not be an annoyance to other people who use the chat. The only exception to this is messages done privately. However if they ask you to stop messaging them, you must, otherwise you will be warned or muted for harassment.

    1st & 2nd = Citation Warning
    3rd = Citation which triggers an automatic kick from the server.
    4th = 12 hour mute.
    Increments of warnings and mutes will continue until you're permanently muted.

    1st offense on:
    Discord = Muted. Continuing via annoying people in DMs will result in a ban from the discord server.
    Forums = Account suspension or restricted from posting threads.

  3. Do not annoy or waste staffers time. Do not intentionally do things things that will make a staff member dislike you. Examples of this would be: false reports, trolling staff, arguing with staff, repeatedly messaging a staff member with non-important things.

    1st & 2nd = Verbal warning or citation.
    3nd = 5 hour mute.
    Increments of warnings and mutes will continue until you're permanently muted.

    Offense on:
    Discord = Varies.
    Forums = Varies. False reports/appeals will result in account suspension and removal of content.

  4. Impersonation of a staff member or another individual. Do not pretend to be someone you're not. Example: You change your nickname tag to "staff", "admin", "moderator", or something very similar to another player's name. Or your forum signature, etc.

    * = Resetting nickname. Changing it to something else. Removal of content.

    1st & 2nd = Citation warning.
    3nd = Kick
    4th = 12 hour ban
    Increments will continue until you are at a permanent ban.

The following is what's called Server Disruption. Zero tolerance policy and will result in a swift blacklist:
  1. Spreading of viruses, malware, and linking to IP loggers. Do not attempt to bring harm to another person's machine or collect personal information about them without their knowledge.

    WARNING: Do not attempt to troll/prank by sending log4j execution code to chat or anyone on the server... This will be treated as an actual attempt and will result in you being BANNED FOREVER either by an admin or VIAGuard's automated detection system! There are currently bots scanning thousands of IP addresses for log4j vulnerable servers... Even though Log4j is patched on Viacraft, there is still a substantial risk to players running unpatched versions of the game. Therefore, any attempt to use log4j attack code will be taken VERY SERIOUSLY... To the point of reporting violating IP addresses to the FBI/INTERPOL!

  2. DoXing or shaming people. This is where you share information that is harmful to someone's physical safety, finances, career(s), or reputation. Do not spread negative rumors about somebody; do not share or link to information that is meant to shame or degrade somebody. Do not witch-hunt individuals or engage in call-out culture; do not engage in cancel culture or "expose" people. Do not leak someone's private information; This includes but is not limited to: Street address, IP Addresses, Email addresses, IRL Name, IRL Location, Social Security Numbers (SSN), Tax Identification Numbers (TIN), Phone calls, Texts, and Discord/Skype direct/private messages. Do not record people in voice calls without their knowledge. Do not forge or doctor images/videos/logs/etc. Do not take out of context and misrepresent what was said to you to shame/harm somebody. Do not extort members of our community. Respect people's right to privacy. Do not make Viacraft a chaotic toxic place. Do not be a bully or busybody.

  3. Respect Viacraft itself; Do not attempt to stage a coup or riot against the Management Team. Do not spread misrepresented information about the administration. Do not create drama or stage any type of riotous event. Do not create unnecessary stress for Management. Do not make Viacraft a dangerous and hateful place. If you don't like it here and hate us, you can leave peacefully. AMENDED: A-1 and A-2 escalated, Server Raiding or a community/server we frequently have problems with may be officially blacklisted from Viacraft.net.

  4. Social engineering, deception, false flags, or any malicious attempt to gain somebody's trust for nefarious purposes which are harmful toward Viacraft. Do not engage in psychological manipulation and psychological warfare. An example of this is catfishing people and going on different identities (accounts) to hurt them in some way. If somebody blocked you do not attempt to bypass; do not harass people.

  5. Fraudulent chargebacks or scamming people for IRL money. Do not do anything which causes people to lose in real life currency. Do not commit fraud. This includes purchasing something from store.viacraft.net then submitting a complaint via PayPal support in attempt to get a refund.

  6. Anything which is meant to jam, slowdown, or crash our servers or any other platform. Lag machines, D/DoSing, IP Stressing, Spam connecting, etc.

  7. Violating the Terms of Service.

  8. Association with a blacklisted user/group.

Uncommon violations that should be pretty obviously... NOT allowed:

-Child porn, sexual content depicting minors. Any offenders of this will have all known information about them reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement officials in there area and you will be tipped off to the FBI.

-Copyright infringement or any material that violates an individual's contractual, personal, or intellectual property rights or other rights.
Punishment: Varies. Removal of content.

-Purchase trolling. Do not de-rank or troll people by buying them a rank lower then what they purchased.
Punishment: Permanent ban.

// Gameplay; in-game rules //
Do not impede other players from playing the server.

GR-1) Any use of unapproved modifications aka "Utility Mod" (Hacked Client). This is where you are using either illegal modifications or a full on hacked client. Click here to see list of allowed modifications: https://viacraft.net/threads/allowed-game-modifications.20/
  • Advantage over PvE / Economy modifications: Xray / Automation (e.g. baritone, auto farm, auto mine, etc) / Force mounting and control of mobs / ETC- Render and Player hacks. Anything that doesn't necessarily bring harm to a player or the server but is unfair to the community as a whole.
    1st offence = 1 to 2 day ban
    2nd offence = 1 to 2 week ban
    3rd offence = 30 day ban

  • Advantage over PvP / Server modifications: Fly / KillAura / Speed / Ghosthand / ETC- Movement and Combat hacks. Cheating which directly brings harm to another player or server itself.
    1st offence = 30 day ban
    2nd offence = 100 day to permanent ban
    3rd offence = Permanent ban

GR-2) Exploiting. Glitches & dupes. This is where you discover and/or use an unintended feature which is unfair, breaks the economy, or exploit something that shouldn't be.
  • Punishment: We have the right to do with you as we may if you break this rule.
    -Entity TNT duplication glitch.
    -Getting on top of and building on the nether roof.
    -Breaking bedrock or end portal.
    -Obtaining/farming items which have enchants above default vanilla via legitimate means. See:
    skeleton horse trap

GR-3) Portal/Bed Trapping // Traps that make it where the player can't play or join the server again. This is where you attempt to trap a player in a portal by blocking it. Use of modified books/text (nicknamed "book banning"). Overloading chunk data. Etc. Since the player is not able to teleport out or call for help this is considered a bannable offense and is on par (as severe) as advertising because it would make players leave if they didn't know how to contact a staff member on discord or forums. We have patched this but people may find a way around it, so this rule will always be in place. GR-3 can be treated the same way as GR-2 under certain circumstances. e.g. You may be permanently banned for 1st offense.
  • Punishment:
    1st offence = Citation Warning
    2nd offence = 2 week ban
    3rd offence = Permanent Ban
    4th offense = Blacklist

GR-4) Spawn Traps. Purposely creating anything on the border of Spawn or any other Admin Claims (such as Safezone and WorldGuard) to troll or obstruct players. This is where you build a curtain, lava cast, cobble monster, or any other type of big obstruction within 300 blocks from an admin claim. This is annoying and makes it hard for players to walk out of spawn. If you are caught doing this, it will be removed and you will be given a warning along with a 2 hour ban. Violating again: Increments of warnings will continue until you are at a permanent ban from the network.

Staff has the right to grief/remove anything that is within 500 blocks of an admin claim. There right to do so is at their discretion.

GR-5) Insiding (betrayal) AKA team griefing. This is where you join someone's region with the sole purpose to raid or abuse them. This ruins the fun and purpose of teaming, and is generally stupid. HOWEVER, the Region Landlord/Owner/Leader can do whatever he pleases to those under him/her. Additionally, leaving the region does not exempt you from this rule; There is a 1 week grace period upon leaving a region at which you would be permitted to raid them without consequence.

  • Punishment:
    1st-5th offence = 1 week ban.
    After 5 repeat offenses of GR-5 you may be permanently banned or disallowed from joining regions.

GR-6) Abuse of donor perks. VIA rank is not allowed fly in claims (player regions) which they are not a member of or otherwise permitted by its nobility. You may not use your permissions to bypass protections (such as castle walls and gates) a region has in place.
  • Punishment:
    1st-3rd offense revocation of the essentials.fly permission for 24 hours.
    After a 4th violation of GR-6 you will have your permission removed for a month. After which it may be removed permanently at management's discretion.

GR-7) Abuse of alternate accounts. You are only allowed to use a maximum of 3 accounts on the server for farms. Hero rank is allowed to use 5. VIA rank is allowed to use a a maximum 10. Staff are allowed an unlimited amount but only for enforcement purposes. This rule is in place to limit wealth generation, and generally make things more fair/balanced; in addition to making it easier for staff to do their job.
  • Punishment:
    1st-2nd offense = Removal and reset of account's stats (money, homes, deletion of regions, etc)
    3rd offense = Bans which follows the increments for xray (PvE) hacks.
Warning: Do not attempt to access staff accounts! This is a combination of rules A4, GR-2, GR-7 and can count as Server Disruption. All staff accounts have 2FA and admins are IP/geolocation locked. If ViaGuard sees a management account attempting to login with an unverified IP address, it will ban that IP.

The type of punishment you get also depends on your punishment history. For example, If you have a history of spamming chat then you harass a player, your punishment will be a 1 day mute instead of a warning. If you were punished for using a hacked client before then you break any other rules, your punishment will automatically jump to that rule's second offence because you have a bad history.

- Additional information & clarification -

// We don't take screenshots or editable chat-logs as proof for anything. However to those that don't fake produce screenshots, you can still report it to an staff member and it will be reviewed by higher staff who will check for legitimacy via checking our own system logs. If our logs don't line up with whatever screenshot you gave us, it will be labeled as false and you most likely will be banned for propaganda/social-engineering and submitting a false report. Important: Pictures of discord chat conversations are to NEVER be trusted, especially since they can not be backed up or proven by us. Discord messages can VERY easily be faked and manipulated with printer or inspect element. You won't believe how many times someone who hates us or another individual will produce fake news like this. So don't believe any images of discord messages. As people are now using these platforms like discord for nefarious purposes to wrongfully and falsely put people down.

// Admitting to breaking any rule will not warrant you a punishment. It will however, put you under investigation to see if the claim is legitimate or not.

// Censorship means all platforms mute. Blacklist means a all platforms ban, full removal and disable of services from all of Viacraft's platforms. For more details and to find out what all the types of punishments there are, click here: https://viacraft.net/threads/what-type-of-punishments-and-staff-discharges-are-there.3/

// Some rules can only be enforced by higher staff members like Managers and Admins. Lower staff are to report to the higher staff if a rule they can't enforce is broken.

// Everything listed here can change at anytime without notice and can be argued by the community for reproof. Just because its not an official rule, doesn't mean its allowed. Use common sense in some situations or just ask a staff member if its allowed.

// Be civil & use common sense. For some people this may be confusing, what we mean by this is don't be a general annoyance to everyone on the server aka creating server drama. We want a mature and respectful community.

// We do our best to fix issues and moderate the community/server. However, we're not perfect. Please report any issues or problematic users to staff. You may be rewarded for reporting malicious users to staff.

// Please read the wiki section of this website. Before contacting staff about a technical question its best to read the wiki as it might already have your answer.

// Clarification:

  • Swearing is ALLOWED. The community leadership is in favor of freedom of speech.*
  • Out of game / IRL Trading is ALLOWED. We are not responsible if you are scammed, however we will ban the person who scammed you if you have legitimate proof.
  • Sexual content is allowed, however to an extent. Be subtle about it and keep it in its appropriate channels.
  • Cobble-monsters / Lava-casting is ALLOWED anywhere except per what is outlined in rule GR-4.
  • Scamming (IN-GAME ONLY) is ALLOWED.
  • Getting on top of, and building on the nether roof/bedrock is ALLOWED.
  • AFK and AFK machines are allowed.
  • All and any type of minecraft skin is allowed as long as it doesn't fall under rule #1.
  • Anything not listed in this thread is most likely allowed.

// The following things are either disabled/limited or removed entirely to prevent certain exploits on our server:
  • Maps.
  • Writable books.
  • Donkeys (any entity which can hold chests).
  • Bundles (because there is likely an unknown exploit due to the nature of how they function).
  • Only players are allowed to enter end portals.
  • All redstone is limited in some capacity but doesn't get auto-removed unless the TPS falls below a certain threshold. You should still be able to create massive sorters, smelters, and other fun things with redstone as this has been finetuned to only detect actual malicious redstone. Please let an admin know if you are experiencing any issues with redstone caused by ViaGuard.
This is not an exhaustive list but is here to answer people's questions of why certain things don't work.

// Violation Codes (VC):

  • A-# represents rules associated with Annoyances section.
  • SD-# represents rules associated with Server Disruption.
  • GR-# represents rules associated with Gameplay.

// The administration of Viacraft reserves the right to suspend the connection and communications (temporarily or permanently) of anyone to our server or anyone of our platforms for any reason at any time. If we feel you are unfit to play on the server, use this forum/website, or use our discord server or other platforms, for any reason we have to right to do with you as we may. This is only done in extreme situations, and can only be enforced by Management or at sole discretion of the Founder.

// Your safety and privacy. We want our staff and players to feel safe every time they join our server, like they're right at home. We don't want people getting hurt via our platforms. Therefore, we not only respect the anonymity of our users and our community, we protect it. Only the Management Team will have access to your IP address(s), Location, Age, Name, etc and this information will not be leaked, given, made public, and/or shared with anyone. We take your personal information very seriously; Therefore, only the most trusted, loyal, and known people are a part of the Management Team. You are not required to give any personal information to any of our staff unless told otherwise by an on the spot Administrator. If a staff member who is not from Management, asks you to provide personal information (except age) contact an Manager right a way.

When in screenshare for suspicion of cheating, the only thing you have to show the staff is your minecraft launcher and your current game which is open; You are not required to download anything except discord, (official link discord.gg). If they ask you to download anything that isn't discord contact a Manager right away. If they find that you have illegal modifications or hacked clients downloaded you might not be punished. You will only be punished for certain if they find that a hacked client is currently loaded onto your game or launcher and you're on the server with said hacked client; In other-words you're allowed to be possession of any modifications you want as long as its not being used on our server.

// Your rights as a member of this community:
You have the right to free speech.*
You have the right to dispute any punishment/warning an non-leadership staff member gives you.
You have the right to remain silent, no staff member has the right to force you to say anything.
You have the right to make a compliant about any staff member to leadership and
you have the right to request that leadership investigates a staff member under them.
You have the right to be protected from any individual in our community. And have that individual be forced to leave you alone under enforcement of the Moderator Team. AKA a restraining order.

*People who join the Staff Team may lose some of these rights as it would be a conflict of interest due to their position.

*The situations in which we may restrict somebody's speech is if they are doxxing, leaking private information, advertising a different community/server platform/service without permission, harassing/defaming an individual, trying to cause issues for and challenging the leadership team, extreme racism, or you are being generally abusive of the platform and misusing free speech. Server Disruption.

We do not want our platforms to be a toxic place where new players get instantly attacked in public chat. You are welcomed to talk about politics, religion, and other controversial topics or whatever it is you want to talk about as long as it doesn't fall into the above categories. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Use discretion; be civil!

If you are unsure or confused about anything here please don't be afraid to contact someone from Management via our discord.
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