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Supported versions and protocols:
Java Edition / Bedrock Edition* / Cracked Minecraft*
From the latest version of Minecraft back to 1.9!

Server connectivity

Viacraft supports the following editions, versions, and protocols of Minecraft:

Java Edition - This is our server core.

(SOON) Bedrock Edition - The reason why this is not supported yet is due to the protection proxy used to secure Viacraft from hackers. It is supported at our host but cost a fair bit of money, once we reach a certain monthly donation goal, I will implement this.

(MAYBE) Cracked Minecraft - More research has to be done into how to implement this SAFELY. Because of our punishment and permissions system, it will be fairly difficult to implement this without conflicts due to players with same names. This of course, will also decrease server security.

Versions 1.18.1 to 1.9.x - it is HIGHLY recommended that you play on the latest version of minecraft to avoid any bugs and issues. You put yourself at a disadvantage to other players playing on older versions of Minecraft.*

* WARNING: There is a new exploit called "Log4j" nicknamed "Log4Shell". This exploit in unpatched java applications allows hackers to do an injection attack (send malicious code) by almost any vector... Messages, server MOTD, commands, etc.

You put yourself at a great security risk to your computer if you are not running the latest version of minecraft or at least a patched older version!

Log4j is patched on Viacraft as we run the latest version of both minecraft and java, and constantly update our software/plugins. Additionally, suspicious chat messages get blocked by VIAGuard's chat monitoring system. Because of this, there is little risk to our players by malicious users... BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE AN EXCUSE TO USE UNPATCHED SOFTWARE as no security system in the world can claim to be 100% secure and flawless. Use caution and common sense!

As log4j is a developing story... We truly won't know the ramifications log4j has had on the internet until weeks or months later; still new attack vectors are being discovered.
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