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Submission Rules | Appeal Format

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Jan 13, 2021
Please read the Community Guidelines (click) and types of punishments there are (click) to get a better understanding of why you were banned or muted.

Your punishment can only be undone if:

  1. You provide enough counterevidence to delegitimize your case.
  2. You can prove the punishing moderator was corrupt and bias.
  3. Reasonable explanation and apology for your actions after at least a year.
  4. Ban reset; e.g. there was a punishments reset and yours was not removed.
  5. Purchasing an unban or unmute from our shop @ https://store.viacraft.net
This does NOT apply if you were punished for server disruption or blacklisted. As these punishments/removals are truly permanent and unappealable. You can still try to appeal this type of punishment but its very likely to be denied as these are mostly investigated and carried out by the management team, who make sure there is an overwhelming amount of evidence and blatancy.

Ban resets and forgiveness
Ban/mute resets are extremely rare because we, the Viacraft staff team, are thorough in executing bans, mutes, and removal of content/user. In addition to our rules being very fair compared to other servers and communities. These kind of resets only happen after many seasons/eras. Generally speaking, at least 2 years. We believe everybody deserves a second chance to play on our server and interact with our community, but only a second chance and only after WE believe you legitimately learnt your lesson, matured and actually won't do it again.

Purchasing an unban/unmute
Because this could get abused, you can only buy one once a month. These only apply to the actual game server and will not remove your discord, forums, any other platform punishment. Keep in mind, regardless of any platform, purchasing an undo of punishment will NOT remove it if you were blacklisted.

Some things to keep in mind,

  • If you believe the information (evidence) you will provide is confidential and shouldn't be publicly revealed than email your appeal instead or contact an admin on our discord server.

  • If you contact us being rude and unprofessional, verbally abusive, or generally trying to blow off our decision to limit or completely remove access to Viacraft and its features/platforms. The chances of getting denied increase by a lot.

  • Other people may not appeal for you. Do not copy other appeals or lie. The Appeals Staff have unique ways of finding out rather what you've provided us is legitimate or not. You only have one chance at this, don't screw it up.

  • The following format can (and should) be improved upon to increase your chances of acceptance of appeal. The following is just what we want to SEE in an ORDERLY fashion. Make it easy on the eyes, make it make sense, make it nice for the reviewing staff member(s). This isn't something you have to worry about if you have solid counter-evidence, just follow the below format.

  • We want the actual long ID number, singular string of numbers for your discord account obtainable from developer tools. This is because people change their discord names and 4 digit # or are similar therefore making it hard, if not impossible to find. This discord ID is permanent regardless of changes made to your account. See https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/206346498-Where-can-I-find-my-User-Server-Message-ID- for instructions on how to do this.

    You don't have to provide your discord ID if you are appealing an in-game punishment and vice versa; you don't have to provide your minecraft username if only appealing discord server punishment. However, providing both will help your appeal.


Minecraft Username (if applicable):

Discord ID (if applicable):

Case ID:

When did this happen?:

Why you think this should be undone? / Counter-evidence?:
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