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The switch from Towny to Survival

Changing Gamemodes

Because of current trends and after discussion with some advisors, I have decided to switch the server gamemode from Towny to Survival while maintaining the same idea of balanced PvP/PvE and overall difficulty. Upon joining the server your balance will be automatically reset to $10K as the original starting balance was $100K to accommodate Towny/Nation creation and taxes/upkeep costs. Because this is a soft reset, all players will also get to have the "New Member" rank again and all its features/protections for 24 hours. Viacraft now uses ProtectionStones as this is the most effective and user-friendly solution. Please see the updated wiki: https://viacraft.net/wiki

Because see a lot of players trying to use /ah, I have decided to add AuctionHouse to the server.

~Viacraft Management