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What type of punishments and staff discharges are there?

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There are 3 types of warnings:
Verbal Warning
Lowest form of punishment. This is where a staff member tells/orders you to stop whatever it is you're doing and stop causing a problem. This does not go on your record.

Citation Warning
This is where a staff member gives you a warning that does go on record. This is usually given for minor offense

Kick (Forcefully Disconnected)
This is an escalated level of the written warning letting the offender know they are close to harsher punishment and that they really need to stop.

Increments of those warnings will result in either of the following:
Temporary Mute
This is the end result of multiple warnings for chat offenses.

Permissions Revocation
This mostly applies to donors who abuses their powers but can also apply to those who team grief. This is where a member of management deems you unfit to be able to execute certain commands on the server and therefore you lose access to it for a time or indefinitely.

Temporary Ban
This is where a staff member gives banishment for a specified amount of time: This is usually given for cheating or 3rd time offenders. Although this is considered Management level punishment: Its on the fence between that and moderation; it can be done by a moderator and is judged by Management. The moderator must provide evidence to a Manager within 24 hours otherwise it will be overturned.

Serious violations or Continued malicious and bad behavior will result in the following:
Permanent Mute
This is the lowest level of an managerial level punishment and can be done by senior moderators but is usually decided by Admins.

Permanent Ban
This is where somebody has crossed the line and committed a serious violation of the Community Guidelines.

Violating the Terms of Service or causing Server Disruption will result in one of the following:

Platforms Mute
This is similar to a blacklist except they can still access most of our platforms, however they can't communicate with any users on any of the platforms and is permanently banned from discord. This is the HIGHEST LEVEL of being muted. Users at this level are usually VERY CLOSE to being Blacklisted, aka close to jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

This is the HIGHEST LEVEL of punishment that Viacraft can deal out. A blacklist is where someone is permanently IP, UUID, and email banned from ALL of Viacraft's platforms. This is only done in the most extreme situations and can only be done by the Owner or unanimous vote of the Management Team. The Operator can insist/appeal to the Owner to blacklist someone. A blacklist is completely non-negotiable/unappealable and is usually given to those who hurt Viacraft financially, reputationally, or through forms of harassment and terrorism. Person blacklisted is officially and formally notified and trespassed from all Viacraft property rather intellectual/intangible or physical/tangible.

Staff Punishments & Discharges
These are punishments staff can receive for breaking the Community Guidelines or the Staff Guidelines.
A discharge is a full demotion and removal of ranks/permissions; termination; completely removed from the staff team.

Dishonorable Discharge
This is a very serious offense and includes TOS Level Punishment. Management considers a staff member's actions to be reprehensible, completely outrageous and unacceptable. A staff member has did something very serious and has to be permanently banned or even blacklisted. Things that can warrant this are: 1) Violation of U.S. Law - Committing a felony on or in relation to our platforms, 2) Leaking private information either about the network or a customer/member, 3) Server disruption. Intentionally creating drama or rumors to ruin reputation of Viacraft, 4) Terrorism/cyber warfare type of attack against Viacraft, its partners, or members. At this point they are considered an enemy of the Viacraft Community and legal action may be taken.

Bad Conduct Discharge
This is where a staff member did something bad but not seriously enough to warrant a blacklist. E.g.: Failure to do things correctly after being trained, disobeying orders, etc. Not being active can also warrant this under certain circumstances. Completely ineligible for benefits.

Permission Revoked or Demotion
Staff member is not performing well or has done something to warrant being moved to a lower rank.

Written Warning / Strikes
A strike is a point against their rank for failing to do something correctly or getting out of line. If a staff member receives 3 strikes/points they are fully demoted aka discharged. The staff manager will decide for how long this strike counts as the number of strikes needed for discharge.

Verbal Warning
This is where their supervisor corrects them on something or lets them know to stop something before it escalates.

(Not considered a punishment):

Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge

This is a unique discharge usually given with a general discharge for when we feel the reasons for resigning/removal are strange or unfavorable toward our administration. They are ineligible for benefits and are usually kicked from certain platforms but are allowed to join back at will unless told otherwise.

General Discharge
The Management Team deems the staff member unfit to be staff. Staff member didn't cause trouble or act up but is not fit to be staff in the eyes of Management. Things that would warrant this: Not being active, Failing training, Too many accidents, Community doesn't like you, etc. They MAY be eligible for staff retirement benefits.

Honorable Discharge
This is what all staff members should shoot for at the end of their career with Viacraft. An honorable discharge is where a staff member respectfully did their job but has to either retire/resign because they feel they can't do the job anymore or irl reasons. Staff member received a good or excellent rating for their service time, by exceeding standards for performance and personal conduct, they will be discharged honorably. Good recommendations from us will be given to any recruiter if requested. Completely and always eligible for benefits.
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