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Viacraft official gameplay wiki; How our towny system works

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This is the official wiki for Viacraft and contains all technical details of how gameplay details work.

(An exhaustive list of commands ALL players have. When using a command DO NOT include "<text>" its simply a placeholder to show you value/text you must input AFTER the command for it work properly)

/sethome <name> | Sets a personal warp (teleport) that only you can use. You have up to 4 for free.

/delhome, /rmhome <name> | Deletes a warp you set.

/home <name> | Teleport to one of the warps you created.

/back | Teleports you back to you're most recent location you teleported from.

/tpa <player> | Request a player to teleport you to them.

/tpahere <player> | Request a player to teleport to you.

/spawn | Teleports you back to spawn. Useful if you're stuck.

/wild | Randomly teleports you somewhere.

Towny key commands (I will not be going over every command because there is already documentation for that ingame and here: https://github.com/TownyAdvanced/Towny/wiki/Towny-Commands but I will list most used, need to know cmds, to get you started.)

/t ? | Type this command in-game for more details on towny commands.

/tgui | To open a user-friendly interface to create/manage towns and nations.

/towny map | Displays in chat claimed and unclaimed chunks around you, and your relation to them.

/t here | Displays information about the current chunk you're in.

/invite | Allows you to accept, deny, and see invite to other towns and nations.

/t new <name> | Create a town.

/t claim | Claims a chunk for your town.

/tfly | Allows you to fly in your claims.

/t deposit | Deposits money from your /bal to your town.

/t spawn | Teleports you to your town's home chunk.

/t add <player> | Sends an invite to a player on the server to become a resident of your town.

/t kick <player> | Unharmoniously, revoke someone's residency/citizen status in your town. To further punish their bad behavior do...

/t outlaw <add/remove> <player> | Adds or removes a "Wanted" or "Criminal" status on a player by the town government. Encumbers their abilities to do stuff in your town like teleport. Useful if you want to give your residents or soldiers/knights a KOS (Kill On Sight) list.

/msg, /pm <player> | Message an online player privately on the server.

/reply, /r | Quickly replay to a private message a player just sent you.

/mail send <player> <message> | Send a private message to an offline player for them to read later.

/mail read | Read messages players have sent you.

/mail clear | Deletes all messages you've been sent.

/money, /balance, /bal | Displays how much in-game currency you have. Money is used to purchase things from the server or players.

/ah | Auction House. GUI marketplace players can used to buy and sell in-game items.

/pay <player> <amount> | Send a player a specified amount of money from your bank account.

/shop | Opens the server/admin shop that you can buy almost anything for a certain amount of money.

Commands related to towny's economy are displayed above under "Towny key commands"

/ec, /enderchest | Opens your enderchest without needing to physically place/open one.

/nv | Gives you night vision. I've decided to allow all players to do this because its impossible to prevent/prove if someone is using a mod or utility client with fullbright or simply edit vanilla game files.

/kit | Shows you a list of kits available to you. Type /kit <name> to obtain the kit. Keep in mind that once you obtain a kit you have a cooldown of usually 24 hours before you can obtain it again.

/seen <player> | Allows you to see when a player was last online.

/sit | Makes your player sit down. Alternatively you can click a stair or slab.

/lay | Makes your player lay down as if you were sleeping.

/crawl | Makes your player crawl as if you were swimming.


How warfare works on Viacraft
Both towns need to be in a nation and one nation needs to declare the other nation an enemy for them to be able to attack any town within the enemy nation. The defending town also needs to have at least 2 members online for attackers to drop a flag (oak fence post). The attacking nation also needs to start at the edge of town's chunks. Any person in the nation can initiate an attack. If the defending town is unable to break the enemy flag within 10 minutes the attackers get to keep the chunk. This process can continue until they reach home/core chunk of a town and once they do, the entire town falls and becomes property of the attacking town. This works similar to bedwars as the attackers can encase their flag with obsidian. Towns and nations will not be able to do any transactions (withdraw/deposit money, claim or unclaim chunks, leave thier nation, etc) while flagged. Towns can surrender to their attackers by doing /town delete which puts their town into a "ruins" state, more details on that under "Economy system" below.

Gameplay dynamics
  • PvP is enabled everywhere on the server except certain admin claims (like spawn) and home/core chunks, regardless of a town's settings. All towns only get 1 chunk which has pvp disabled which is the H. This is to encourage castle building.

    Friendly fire pvp is only disabled for members in the same town and not nationwide nor allies. This is to encourage discipline and honor systems between towns within the same nation and allies. As a town misbehaving within a nation can cause them to be kicked from their nation and lose protection on chunks.

    A player may purchase invincibility from PvP for $1M for 24 hours. Useful if you want to be left alone regardless of where you are on the server. Keep in mind that this will NOT work upon visiting admin created special dungeons. Also does not protect you from mobs.

  • Chests and most storage blocks can be opened regardless of a town's settings. This is to encourage players to actually protect their stuff instead of leaving it out in the open. Viacraft's goal is to make gameplay somewhat realistic.

  • Town residents have the ability to fly by typing /tfly by default all town residents have access to this a mayor can disable this though. Allies (and of course enemies and outlaws) do not have /tfly in your town, however mayors and viziers can trust a person with flight in their town. VIA rank, although they have the ability to fly anywhere, they are NOT allowed to fly in towns that aren't apart of or trusted in. Please report abuse to staff.

    This is to encourage building great things while also maintaining fairness in PvP. As I want walls to be effective and players not be required to put a roof/ceiling on everything.

  • Towns only get 10-20 claim chunks by default and does not change regardless of residents or monetary status. Once a town creates or joins a nation the amount of chunks a town can claim increases substantially; 100 chunks and then increases based on how many residents you have. This is to encourage competitive gameplay as FlagWar does not allow nationless towns to attack or be attacked. Towns can purchase neutrality which makes them invincible to being war flagged for $100K a day. Nations can purchase neutrality for $10M a day, the price is high because this protects ALL towns within the nation regardless if the town itself paid for neutrality. This encourages taxes and grinding.

  • All towns within a nation have wilderness around them protected by about 2-5 chunks. Residents of the town and nation will be able to do stuff within these chunks as normal but outsiders will not be able to do much of anything. This is called NationZone or NZ. Nation capitals will have larger NZ.

Economy system
  • There are no activity requirements for a town or nation to remain in existence per se, but there are daily upkeeping costs imposed by the server or Viacraft Reserve Bank as I would like to call it. Nations cost $10K per day and multiplies based on the # of towns within a nation. Towns cost $10 per day and is based on the # of plots (claimed chunks) a town has.

  • Both nation's and town's bank can fall into bankruptcy for failure to pay upkeeps and taxes. And has a debt cap at $1M at which point the nation will be dissolved, towns will fall into ruins and be accessible by anyone on the server by /town spawn. Players will be able to grief, steal, plunder, pillage, etc. Nations and towns will not be able to purchase neutrality upon going bankrupt.

  • Once a town is in ruins it can be reclaimed by any resident of the town for $100K after 12 hours and if no one claims it after that period of time it will fall to wilderness after 72 hours.

  • Plots within a town can be sold or given to residents by the town government. The mayor or vizier of a town can decide rather a plot is for sale or not and if non-residents can buy it by marking it as an "Embassy" plot. A resident can also put their plot up for sale. The maximum amount that a plot can be bought for is $1M. Once a plot has an "Owner" no other residents in the town will be able to do anything except the mayor or vizier and those that the plot owner trusts/friends.

  • It costs $100K to create a nation. It costs $1K to create a town.

  • Players can have any item they want repaired at spawn for $10K.

  • Players can access crates at spawn by either voting, donating, or going to one of the admin created special dungeons listed in the tablist and here.
The chunk purchasing, buying stuff from /shop, and towny upkeep costs imposed by the VRB may get more severe as Viacraft grows and the overall economy appears to get too easy. Viacraft Management will try their best to keep the economy stable and fair.

The Admin Shop (/shop) is a GUI you can buy and sell items from/to the server itself. This will be your main way of making money from the farms you create. The shop is designed to make players still have to adventure to obtain certain things (like in vanilla) while also making it easy to build. Feel free to make suggestions for what should be added to /shop. Keep in mind that the shop is meant to be simplistic and items bought/sold in bulk. e.g. Why sell pumpkin seeds when you can buy a pumpkin and break it down into seeds?

Towny Ranks:
Nation level

King (Pharaoh or Emperor) // Self explanatory.

Vizier // 2nd in command. Can do everything the king can do except delete the nation.

Lord // High ranking, trusted member.

Default (commoner) // Can't really do much except visit other towns spawns.

Town level
Mayor // Is the leader of a town and can do everything.

Vizier // Can do everything the Mayor can do except delete the town.

Noble // High ranking, trusted member. Has access to all plots in a town and can change their usage, owners, perms, etc.

Knight // Also apart of nobility. They are sworn warriors for the Mayor/King and can promote people to Solider or turn someone into a Servant.

Soldier (or Guard) // Responsible for enforcing the laws of a town/nation and assisting in wars.

Default (Commoner) // The average town citizen. Has freedom to claim plots for sell and roam about the town.

Servant (or Slave/Serf) // This rank allows a town to disallow someone from doing anything in their town (like claiming plots) except that which the nobility allows. Great for making a new member earn their Commoner status.

Public titling levels (Nation milestones):
Below 5 residents you will be called a Leader and earn "Land of" before your nation's name.
At 5+ residents you will be called a King and earn "Federation of" before your nation's name.
10+ "Dominion of" nation prefix
20+ "Kingdom of" nation prefix and your NationZone (NZ aka protected wilderness) will increase by 2.
At 30+ residents you will be called an Emperor and earn Empire at the end of your nation's name.
At 50+ residents you will be called a Pharaoh and earn Egypt at the end of your nation's name. NZ increased by 3.

Special Dungeon Coordinates

More may be planned... Be sure to submit your suggestions via our discord server or on the forums here.

If you ever played the game Rust, these locations are similar to monuments in that game. These are very dangerous locations and are pvp hot zones. Donors will have some or all of their abilities disabled upon entering these areas of the server.

Custom Dimensions & Worlds Info

Sculk (Deep Deep Dark) - If you successfully kill the Warden, it will drop a key that can be used to activate the portal in the center of the city. Upon entering you will end up in a new mysterious world filled with sculk and decayed/corrupted biomes. This is the most dangerous place on the server as sculk sensors and shriekers are everywhere and multiple Wardens can spawn. The little camps and structures around the world have custom mobs in them which can one hit kill you similar to the Warden if you're not wearing good armor. They're like the mobs found in mansions but stronger. The air is also toxic in this world and you slowly become "corrupted" which adds negative potion effects to your character. At 70% you will start to die from poison, at 90% you will get withered, at 100% you must die to remove the effects even if you escape back to overworld.

Teleportation, flying, and town claiming are disabled in this world. You must find a naturally spawned portal to return back to overworld. Coordinates in the Sculk world mirror that of the overworld.

Why would anyone want to visit this place? There are some rare items which can only be obtained in the sculk dimension. Special totems which give effects indefinitely similar to beacons (regen, resist, water breathing, etc) as long as you hold it in your hand. A sword which gives you as many hearts as the Warden and a sword which allows you to move really REALLY fast. The sculk dimension is also a great place to hide stuff from other players.

Aether - Making a portal out of glowstone and activating it with a water bucket will send you to a sky dimension.
Super Amplified - A place you can visit to build and see epic mountains and world generation similar to old minecraft farlands.

World and dimension borders:
Overworld, Nether, End, and Sculk are 100K by 100K. This will be increased to 1m, 5m, and 10m depending upon the playerbase growth.

Gameplay Features

Weapon cooldowns
Because most people disliked the 1.9 combat update due to this change, Viacraft has restored hit cooldowns back to their pre-1.9 state.

You can use items like swords and pickaxes in your offhand just like in your dominate hand. Mojang should have done it this way instead, because fighting someone with 2 swords is cool. So Viacraft made it possible.

Notch Apples
Enchanted Golden Apples are craftable again on Viacraft with 8 gold blocks. Notch apples are also given a little buff from their default potion effects.
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